Memoirs & Mom Wars Book Release

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Memoirs and Mom Wars is a compilation of essays written by mothers at New Life Bible Church in Winnebago, IL, as reflections on our greatest joys, our deepest pains, the victories we’ve won, and losses we’ve sustained. Each of the contributors shares a story from their life, a victory or a loss, in the midst of being a mom. All of them share a Mom War story. A Mom War is not a fight between mothers, although it could be. It is not a fight with your mother, although it could be. Mom Wars are the internal, relational, and/or physical battles that are almost always also spiritual battles we fight as mothers. Yes, almost always, whether unbeknownst or face to face with the enemy, a mom war is a spiritual battle for life, for healing, for salvation, and for wholeness for ourselves as moms or for our children. Woven into our storylines are scriptures, life lessons, and ways God has strengthened each of our writers in the battles they have faced. Part two of this book, Memoirs and Mom Wars, uses a little bit of curiosity, imagination, and wonderment to present Memoir and Mom War essays from the voices of Biblical women. Our readers are encouraged to study the women of the Bible with wonder…I wonder how she felt. I wonder how I would have felt in her shoes. I wonder if there is more to her story found elsewhere in the Bible. I wonder what life lessons I can gain from her story. I wonder how I can share her story to build the faith of my children, family, and friends. I wonder if one verse from her story speaks life or truth over my current situation. On and on, we encourage our readers to wonder, not to add to the Holy scriptures, not at all. But, to realize the women in the Bible were human, with real feelings, fears, and families. Maybe they were just a little bit like us…hmmm, I wonder.

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